SEMA Rack Inspections


Following a record year a warehousing company wanted to ensure that its pallet racking was still in full working order. Management wanted to ensure equipment was fully compliant with all current health and safety regulations and prevent accidents and personal injury to valued staff members.

Under current legislation pallet racking is classed as 'work equipment' and is subject to inspection. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) state that employers must inspect racking and storage systems on a regular basis to ensure they are safe. All inspections must be carried out by a technically qualified rack inspector.


Brysdales works with a fully qualified SEMA Rack Inspector, who carried out a full on site rack inspection to test the integrity, strength and capacity of the company's equipment. Damage was catagorised in accordance with SEMA codes of practice and the inspector completed the rack inspection before discussing his findings with the site manager. The company was able to quickly and efficiently address areas of weakness.

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